Jami Makes Cool Jewelry Using Preserved Flowers

Unique jewelry isn’t easy to come by, but Jami from Ohio-based Etsy business Jupiter Oak Jewelry doesn’t have a problem creating unique designs that blow away anyone who sees them. The thing that makes her works even more special, however, is the use of preserved flowers in her pieces.

Jami picks most of the flowers from her garden and then uses ice resin to freeze the peak of their beauty and keep it intact. She then gets creative with wood and metal to create shells for the flowers and ends up with cool jewelry.

“Most of the botanicals that I use in the jewelry and preserved gardens are found and picked by me, then pressed and preserved in resin,” this talented artist says on her Etsy page. “A lot of those flowers and plants are from our home garden. All pieces are one of a kind unique. Handmade with love and nature.”

Check out more of her work below.