Kate Jenkins Knits Life-Sized Foods

Knitting is a fun, artistic hobby perfect for those who love making crafts using their hands. Artist Kate Jenkins shows that with a little practice, it’s possible to knit your favorite thing, no matter what it may be. In her case, it’s all the guilty pleasure food you can think of: pizza, cakes, cookies, burgers, croissants, and many more.

Sometimes, Jenkins puts funny faces to her foods to make them even more adorable. One of our favorites is her rendition of “pigs in blankets” where she knit literal pigs wrapped in tiny knitted blankest! 

“I was always looking for different ways to use my love of wool, textile, and color,” Brown Paper Bag quotes Jenkins. “And that’s how my art was born. The everyday has always fascinated and inspired me, particularly food. So I began to take things we all know and love – like fish and chips—reinventing them in wool.”

Check out her work below!