Introduce Springtime to Your Feed with Sasha Ignatiadou’s Illustrations

Growing up, Sasha Ignatiadou was surrounded by creativity. “My mother wrote stories that were printed in local magazines,” she recalled in an interview with I Love Illustration. “My father and younger sister played in a small band. And I loved dancing when I was younger.”

So it comes as no surprise that when it came to choosing a career course later in life, Ignatiadou found herself leaning towards the arts. Having graduated from the academy of architecture and art, Rostov on Don, in 2011, Ignatiadou received a diploma of the “Artist of Arts and Crafts” in textiles. 

Born in the North Caucasus, Russia, nature also played a role in her cultural upbringing, with the severe mountain landscape serving as an inspiring backdrop. “I lived among mountains and beautiful nature until I was 25,” she notes.

Now working as a full time illustrator, nature – and more specifically flowers – is a constant theme throughout her work. Inspired by nature, female beauty, and Eastern cultures, her work often features fashionable women, surrounded (and sometimes even engulfed) by natural patterns like leaves and flowers.

“The main themes and motives for my works are the female figures, surrounded by floral ornaments and the main concept of my work is beauty,” says Ignatiadou. With springtime some time ahead of us, her bright, flower-filled illustrations will add some color and texture to your Instagram feed.