Merlin the Cat is a Rare Beauty

Merlin Griffith, a blind kitten with some 100,000 fans on Instagram, proves that no challenge is too great. “Because he was born blind, he really has no concept of fear,” his owners, Nathanial and Elliot Green, explained once in an interview with Bored Panda. “And so he’ll attempt to jump off of pretty high places,” they add.

Adopted from the Lynchburg Humane Society in 2017, Merlin has outgrown his humble beginnings fairly quickly, attracting a massive fanbase, both online and offline, thanks to his charismatic character and unique features. A Napoleon cat, a rare mixed breed of a Munchkin and a Persian cat, he’s relatively small and very much fluffy. Being blind, his eyes are milky blue, which makes for a rather striking combination.

“It’s a pretty new breed–by new I mean 20 to 22 years,” explained his owners. “Napoleons are pretty small, but they’re able to move around as easily as normal-sized cats. For the most part, they inherit the Persian’s physical characteristics.”

According to the Greens, Merlin is an affectionate cat, and loves being acknowledged and held. “He’s never destructive or petty, either,” they say, adding that he doesn’t hide or avoid people and runs up to the door to greet his owners. His preferred sitting place? Someone’s lap.

Scroll down to see some regel photos (and videos) of Merlin.