Artist Creates Fascinating Sculptures Using Crayons

Crayons are usually one of the first mediums children come in contact with. Artist Herb Williams, however, uses crayons not to draw images, but to create enchanting sculptures. He uses hundreds of thousands of crayons for his animal sculptures. Dogs, bunnies, and deer are just some of the artwork Williams creates.

The Nashville-based artist doesn’t display his sculptures only in museums. You can find them in public areas, like children’s hospitals, corporate lobbies, and the White House. The beautiful sculptures hold records with Ripley’s and Guinness.

His artistic career began in his early childhood when his father died. He was only seven years old when he started experimenting with crayons. Williams became so professional with his sculptures that he even began re-creating portraits done by famous artists like Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. And all we can say is that they’re remarkable.

He’s currently working on a new project: six large-scale sculptures for the Atlanta International Airport.

If you want to follow his work, check out his Instagram account or take a look at his website. In the gallery below, we have chosen some of our favorites. Tell us our thoughts in the gallery below.