Check Out How This Librarian Started Doing Illustrations

Julie from Limoges, France, is a librarian with a hidden talent for drawing. She surrounded herself with books after becoming an art student and falling in love with the job. The 34-year-old artist specializes in comics and recently started creating illustrations as well.

As one of the reasons why she needed time to start illustrating is because she is a perfectionist “who is never satisfied with her work”. In her gallery, you can see images done digitally, in Photoshop, or in Procreate. At first she was afraid of it, but now she regrets not starting sooner.

“I’m still looking for my style. I’m trying things out. There are so many possibilities! For the moment, it is more in a flat style, and I try to play with textures and colors. My drawing is quite stylized, and I do not have a designated color palette. I drew for a while in soft colors but right now I want brighter colors,” she said in an interview for Ballpit.

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