Illustrator Realistically Depicts Women’s Bodies

Sofia Romagnolo, also known as Azzurroscuro on social media, has always been surrounded by art. Her mom used to take her to art galleries, which had a big affection on her development as an artist.

As she explains, her pseudonym means “dark cerulean” in her native language, and it came from “the state of mind I was in when I actually started putting my feelings on paper, as some sort of therapy.”

She finds inspiration in everyday life, like traveling or women’s bodies. However, her images have clashed with what society considers “normal”.

“When I draw a woman with a bigger figure or body hair, I usually get asked ‘But why??’ to which I reply to ‘Why not??’”, she explained in an interview for Ballpit.

If you scroll through her images, you will see illustrations done in bold, primary shades, and thick outlines. The whole process begins with an idea and color palette.

“Colors for me are everything. Lines and details just come after. I’d love to be one of those amazing artists that have wonderful and clean sketches to show off, but unfortunately, my sketches are just a bunch of badly drawn lines that sometimes make my clients doubt my ability to draw at all,” she added.

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