Twitter Users Imagine “The Office” Characters in the COVID Era

Steve Carell in
Steve Carell in "The Office"

The Office is one of the most popular sitcoms on the planet. It was over way before the COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down, but knowing the characters, we can’t help but wonder how they would react in this situation. One Twitter user asked the same question and started a fun thread that explains what each character would do during the pandemic.

User @Tumi213 wrote, “Imagine an episode of The Office where they all have to get vaccinated,” and the fans of the show quickly replied with many creative responses. The first reference includes Michael Scott’s famous hatred for Toby. According to one response, Michael would sign up everyone for the vaccine in order to keep them safe… Except for Toby, who sucks.

Most people imagine Dwight as an anti-vax, and he has good arguments for it because he believes that only the strongest ones should survive. Ryan finds a way to use the virus as an excuse to get rid of Kelly. Jim already got his vaccine, but he won’t miss a chance to prank Dwight and have some fun. Pam made masks for everyone, but found half of them in the trash.

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