Artist Creates Stunning Animal Sculptures Using Wire

If you have a good idea and a little bit of creativity, anything can be a good art material. A great example of this is the work of UK artist Connie Adam, who creates stunning animal sculptures using metal wires.

Despite wires being a challenging material to work with in general, Adam somehow manages to submit them to her will and bend them in a way that doesn’t seem possible. This results in highly-detailed masterpieces that leave most people speechless.

Adam initially started working on wire sculptures while looking for a way to make an income at home. She began with small sculptures and gradually progressed to creating big-scale pieces.

“Unintentionally, my style has evolved, since I began, into much tighter, sleeker pieces,” Adam shared on her website. “I’m further beginning to form ideas outside of my comfort zone and look forward to learning different styles to incorporate into larger pieces.”

Check out more of her works below!