Artist Makes Enchanting Portraits Of Women

Sella Molenaar is a Dutch artist who loves fashion and drawing. She dreamed about becoming a fashion designer, so she moved from Antwerp to Amsterdam and began drawing live illustrations on festivals and weekend markets. Her work soon became recognizable by big brand names like Dolce & Gabanna, L’Officiel, and H&M whom she collaborated with. She draws simple lines and carefree brush strokes, that make for a perfectly imperfect effect.

“My style is still very defined by the early days where I used to draw on the streets, catwalks or at events so you always have to be quick,” the artist explained in an interview with I Love Illustration. “Therefore, my drawings always have a sense of speed in them. I don’t sketch or use erasers but go straight for the real deal.”

You can find images of her art pieces on Instagram where she has attracted more than 6,000 followers. If you want to see lean more of Molenaar, have a look at her personal website.