Baked By Steph Makes Cookies Inspired By Celebrities

Baked by Steph is a small London bakery that offers all kinds of tasty cakes and delicious treats. But their best-selling products are actually cookies inspired by celebrities.

Browsing through Baked by Steph’s social media, you can find cookies that show all your favorite celebrities. From Rihanna to Beyoncé in their iconic outfits to Ryan Reynold’s face, these cookies often look too good to be eaten. They are baked to perfection and decorated to the slightest detail.

Stephanie Giordano started Baked by Steph back in 2019 to share her baked goods on social media with family and friends. But the word quickly got out, and she started receiving inquiries from people who wanted to purchase her cakes and cookies. 

“I started an Instagram page for my friends and my mum, and it just sort of blew up unexpectedly, “she shared in a recent chat with The Sun. “I didn’t intend for it to be a business or for a lot of people to see it.”

After realizing that people were impressed with her baking skills, Giordano started focusing more on Baked by Steph, and it quickly turned into a business. As a matter of fact, it got so big that she decided to quit her full-time job and become a baker.

Nowadays, Baked by Steph is a successful bakery that offers a range of creative baked goods and takes personalized orders from customers. All of their baking creations look amazing, but the celeb-inspired cookies remain the favorite. Check more of them below.