Cat Has a Hilarious Reaction After Seeing Another Cat for the First Time

TikTok user @maciisabella recently posted an amusing video that shows her cat Saint’s reaction upon seeing another cat for the first time. The clip has since taken social media by storm, with internet users loving the interaction between the two felines.

The video starts with Saint looking at a rescued cat named Sol sitting on a sofa. Saint is obviously curious but doesn’t seem to have the courage to approach.

“My cat hadn’t seen another cat before until this interaction,” the voiceover says.

Saint occasionally gets his head up to take a better look at Sol but then quickly ducks to get out of sight. Sol seems quite unbothered but acknowledges Saint’s presence by moving his paws.

At one point, Saint decides to circle around the couch, leaving Sol puzzled. While Sol searches him, Saint appears on the other end of the couch unnoticed, gets on two legs, and continues watching the newcomer.

The video quickly turned viral and got more than eight million views in several days. It also got thousands of comments from other TikTok users who enjoyed it.

“It’s like he doesn’t know he’s a cat himself,” one user wrote.

“I swear he’s playing peekaboo,” added another.

@maciisabella later shared an update with her followers, showing that Sol and Saint later got acquainted and are becoming great friends.