This Tattoo Artist Creates Elaborate Fingernail Tattoos

Cris Gherman is a Miami tattoo artist who has been getting a lot of recognition lately for his unique practice of fingernail tattoos. Gherman creates elaborate designs on clients’ fingernails that have elements of temporary tattoos because they eventually disappear through nail clipping.

In a recent appearance on 60 Second Docs, Gherman decided to reveal more details about his tattooing process. According to the tattoo artist, fingernail tattoos are not something new, but he does it in a detailed way that has been rarely done before.

Gherman explains that fingernail tattoos don’t hurt, but they require extreme caution and precision. If done right, they end up in a pleasurable result for both him and the person getting the tattoo.  

“It keeps me interested in the world around me, and to see it grow out, it means you have a brand new canvas again. It’s phenomenal,” he shared the reason behind his fascination with fingernail tattoos.

Gherman works from his private studios in Miami and New York City. He does everything from elaborate and detailed tattoos to micro tattoos. However, something tells us that fingernail tattoos are frequently on the list of requests by his clients. To see why, check out more of his recent works below.