BangTsikiTsiki is Taking Instagram By Storm With Her Floral Makeup Looks

Makeup art significantly evolved over the course of the last decades, with many talented artists taking it in incredible new directions. Finish makeup artist Petra, aka BangTsikiTsiki, is one of them, and she’s taking Instagram by storm with her nature-inspired looks that put flowers front and center.

Petra is based in Helsinki, Finland and she describes herself as an “artist in progress”. Surprisingly enough, her artistic journey didn’t start in the world of makeup. Before finding viral fame on Instagram, with 240,000 followers and counting, she used to share her art on DeviantArt.

Back in the day, Petra used to express her creative side through tattoo-inspired art, but she switched gears in later years. It turned out that makeup is her true calling, and she’s shining her brightest when she’s crafting amazing makeup looks and sharing them with the world.

Petra’s Instagram page is a testament to her talent, and many of her makeup looks have one thing in common. Nature is clearly her main source of inspiration, and she’s on top of her game whenever she’s creating floral eye-makeup looks.

Petra doesn’t shy away from exploring other subjects, creating makeup looks inspired by the animal world, space, winter scenery, and everything in between. They’re as colorful and intricate as it gets, and she uses everything from eyeshadow palettes to glitter and rhinestones to bring them to life.