Natalie Byrne’s Art Makes You Feel Less Alone

There are all kinds of reasons people get into art, and Natalie Byrne’s reason is about as admirable as it gets. She seeks to make people feel less alone with her thought-provoking creations, as it even says in the caption on her Instagram page, which happens to have over 38,000 followers.

This Latina artist is helping her followers by not just delivering beautiful creations, but also by complimenting them with helpful messages. She’ll then usually finish off her post with a caption that expands on the message she was trying to deliver with her piece of art.

This is quite common in the social media era of artists taking the form of influencers. Byrne recognizes that her large population of followers means that her words aren’t just going over deaf ears. Thanks to her incredible art, she has an active audience of those who listen to her and care what she has to say. From what we’ve seen so far, she’s using her platform in the best possible way—helping those who truly need it.