Belgian Visual Artist Creates Intriguing Doodles Using Shadows of Everyday Objects

In his native Belgium, Vincent Bal is known as an established filmmaker and the creator of movies Belgian Rhapsody and The Zigzag Kid. But the rest of the world knows him for his visual efforts that include turning shadows of everyday objects into intriguing doodles.

Bal started his “shadowology” project in 2016 by accident. One day, he was working on a film script when he noticed a shadow from his teacup looks like an elephant. Entertained by this play of light, he decided to add some eyes on the paper where the shadow was laying and took a picture. The rest is pretty much history.

Bal continued creating doodles out of shadows and started sharing some of them on social media. His works proved to be quite successful among internet users and have amassed him 869K followers to date on Instagram.

“What I like about these pictures is that you see the two worlds, reality and fantasy, co-existing in one image,” Bal explained his fascination with “shadowology” in a recent interview.

What started as a moment of inspiration has turned into a full-time career for Bal. He is now regularly updating his Instagram page with new shadow doodles while also employing his artworks in other ways like selling prints and doing marketing campaigns. Check out more of them below.