Ben Young’s Glass and Concrete Sculptures Capture the Magic of the Ocean 

There is something oddly satisfying about Ben Young’s glass and concrete sculptures. It is like they almost project the serene feel of the ocean and capture its magic in a really special way. 

Young uses glass to form a body of water, translucent but captivating, inviting but intimidating. That body of water surrounds concrete shores, islands, and icebergs, creating mesmerizing scenes of seascapes that you can’t take your eyes off of.

“I love the contrast between the two materials and feel they really complement each other,” Young explained in a recent chat with Habitus Living. “It has allowed me to expand the subject matter of my work and has added a whole new skill set to produce a piece, I really enjoy the modeling and mould making elements that are now part of the process.”

Young started creating these sculptures after years of working as a boat builder. He takes a unique approach to the design of his pieces, doing everything by hand, from sketches to calculating dimensions. While this drags out the process, it also helps the artist to properly call his works hand-made, from start to finish.

Young’s glass and concrete seascapes have been exhibited across the world while also finding their place in private collections. You can check out more of them on his social media or by scrolling below.