Danym Kwon’s Paintings of Folded Laundry Hide Landscapes, Scenes of Everyday Life, and More

At first glance, the paintings of Korean-American artist Danym Kwon show soothing stacks of clothes. The warm color palette invokes nostalgia and calm moments of repetitive but somewhat comfortable fell of everyday chores. However, once the viewer takes a step closer, they realize these paintings are much more than that.

The folded laundry in Kwon’s artworks is a portal that allows viewers to get a glance at an entirely different world. They hide entire landscapes, scenes of everyday life, and so much more.

The hidden moments in the folded laundry enhance the feeling of nostalgia, optimism, warmth, and comfortableness. They remind us of simple moments in life that bring us much more joy than we realize.

According to Kwon, she started making these paintings while going through “unforeseen hardships in life.” They helped her discover “gratitude and joy for her surroundings,” and she hopes others will feel the same way about them.

“The artist invites viewers to find moments of happiness and rest inside everyday moments, as well as through her soft colors on the canvas,” it says on Kwon’s official website.

You can check out more of these soothing paintings by scrolling below.