One Toddler Unwrapped All Christmas Gifts at 3 am and Had a Hilarious Excuse for It

We all get impatient when it comes to gifts. As soon as we know we have something, we immediately want to check out what it is. But it seemed that no one was more impatient than author Scott Reintgen’s three-year-old son, who got up in the middle of the night and unwrapped all Christmas present under the Christmas tree. On top of that, he had a hilarious excuse for it.

Reintgen shared the story on X (former Twitter), posting a photo of unwrapped gifts and writing: “Yall. My three-year-old came down at 3 am and unwrapped EVERYONE’S presents.”

The post soon spread on the social media platform, receiving close to 130K likes and cracking up the X users. 

Reintgen later shared a video in which he gave some insight into his son’s action and made it all even more amusing. When asked about the reasons why he unwrapped all the Christmas presents, the toddler said he did it so” no one was confused, and they all knew what they had gotten.”

In a subsequent interview with The Washington Post, Reintgen revealed that he and his wife still managed to save Christmas for their other two kids. The couple ended up sacrificing sleep and successfully wrapped the presents once again so the family could have a proper Christmas morning.