Bengali Artist Colors Her Black and White Doodles She Previously Drew and the Results are Beautiful

Saba Islam describes herself as a visual storyteller, art, architecture, and travel enthusiast who likes to doodle. A few months ago she shared on her Instagram profile a black and white doodle series she was working on for almost two years. Recently, she decided to try out something new, so she started coloring some of them.

The Bangladesh-based artist says she made a little girl whom she visualized in some unusual places, like the underwater world, with underwater creatures interacting her.

“The beginning was rather unplanned; I eventually found out that I could ease my mind, find some inner peace through working on those doodles,” the artist shared with Bored Panda. “I started imagining myself as that girl and started visualizing my circumstances, the invisible enemies and even the invisible friends through those creatures. They became my means to ventilate all the gathered thoughts inside my head!”

If you want to see her artwork, check out the gallery below, or visit her Instagram account for more.