Bex Partridge’s Botanical Tales Is Floral Art At Its Finest

Once you fully dive into the world of floral art, you’ll be impressed by the incredible versatility of the artists who practice it. Bex Partridge of Botanical Tales is one of them, and her dreamy floral creations are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Partridge is based in Devon, a dreamy county in South West England, which proved to be a perfect source of inspiration for her art. She mostly specializes in dried flowers and uses them to make everything from floral wreaths to whimsical displays.

On her official website, Partridge describes herself as someone who’s dedicated to attempting “to capture nature’s fleeting beauty by growing and preserving flowers, fauna, and foliage to create everlasting displays for you and your spaces.” Her creations are wild and whimsical, with an accent on reflecting the true beauty of the natural world.

Most of the flowers used in Partridge’s work have been grown in her own garden, which extends for about half an acre. She transformed a damp potting shed into her makeshift studio, where she ensembles her floral art together while enjoying the views of the great outdoors.

In addition to selling her flower art and taking part in all sorts of events, from weddings to installations, Partridge is also committed to sharing her knowledge with the world through her workshops, where you can learn how to grow, harvest, and create with dried flowers.