Meet the Couple That Lives Like it is the 1930s

Which fashion era is your favorite? Would you like to wear big dresses and ball gowns, or are you more into the colorful ’80s style? Well, British couple Ruth Shelley and Robert Oestmann decided to fill their wardrobe with 1930s clothes.

Ruth describes herself as a former tomboy who wasn’t into clothes or makeup, but after going on an event and putting 1940s makeup on, she fell in love. Soon after she chose to rock vintage fashion. Her fiancé Robert inherited his mom’s love for antiques. Although people are usually kind to them, there are sometimes aggressive comments as well.

When it comes to buying clothes, the couple said in an interview for Bored Panda that they don’t have an issue finding the perfect outfit.

“There are stores, online and brick-and-mortar, that specialize in selling both original and reproduction vintage fashion, so we shop at those, and then sometimes you find something wonderful at a charity shop or even get given it by someone who inherited it and has no use for it!” Ruth said and added that one of her favorite piece of jewelry was by a “lovely lady who inherited it from her mother”.

On their Instagram profile, you can see adorable images of the couple. Scroll down and check out some of our favorites.