Brilliant Artist Depicts Animated Characters as Their Real-Life Counterparts

It’s always fun seeing how animated characters would look like if they were real people. Hossein Diba is an Iranian artist best-known for doing just that: recreating famous characters as real-life people. He also specializes in modeling, sculpting, texturing, and shading of characters for games, cinematics, 3D print, and much more.

His artistic journey began when he was a little boy. Painting was his favorite thing to do, and after he watched the Jurassic Park film saga, he decided he would one day become a modeler too. This is exactly what he did, starting back in 2008 when he started designing various characters and creatures for different projects.

Since then, he has been receiving commissions both as a full-time and freelance artist, helped by his strong knowledge about human anatomy.

Characters such as Woody, Krusty the Clown, Mr. Potato Head, and Buzz Lightyear are just some of the famous animated personas who got human faces thanks to him.

The artist has a big following on his social media accounts. On Instagram, he has attracted more than 280,000 followers and has tens of thousands of likes on each post.

To see our favorites, check out the gallery below. Has Diba depicted your favorite character? Tell us in the comments below what your thoughts are!