Bucketlist Bri Will Make You Fall in Love with Slow Travel & Nomad Life

It’s been ten years since Bucketlist Bri moved to France in 2013, and this was just the first stop on her epic journey. Almost a decade later, she lived in nine different countries with her boyfriend Paul and their cat Yoda, and her story will change the way you look at slow travel and nomad life.

Bri fell in love with traveling at a very young age, and she attributes her wanderlust to a trip to Belize she took with her family when she was around 10 years old.

“It was the first country I traveled to outside of my own and I remember this feeling of mystery, adventure, and adrenaline. I’m still chasing that feeling today as I live and travel slowly around the world, ticking off my bucket list as I go,” she explained on her blog.

Her love affair with travel continued in 2013 when she moved abroad to France, but she decided to give travel blogging a shot after moving to Nepal in 2015. She gained experience while freelance writing on the side and decided to use it to get her own blog off the ground.

She went on to live in several different countries with two loyal companions – her boyfriend Paul and their cat Yoda – and she’s using her platform to share useful tips and tricks other travelers can use when living abroad or trying to embrace slow travel.