Caleb Woodard’s Textured Furniture Will Make You Fall in Love With Woodworking

Most people go to Ikea when looking for new furniture and call it a day, but what if you want something completely unique in your home? That’s where woodworking masters like Caleb Woodard step in, bringing a breath of fresh air into your home with their sculptural, hand-carved pieces.

Woodard fell in love with woodworking at a young age, thanks to his father who was also a carpenter. He encouraged his children to make everything by hand, and the young Woodard enjoyed making spoons as a kid and giving them as gifts.

“Everything in our house was handmade. Spoons, toys, Christmas ornaments. As a kid, I drew, painted, made things… A lot of the stuff I do is a return to childhood, in a way. Mostly in just not being afraid. Being joyfully expressive without worrying about how commercial something is,” he told Fine Woodworking.

Even though woodworking was in his DNA, he never saw it as a viable career option. He pursued a business degree, but a corporate job in Washington, D.C. left him unsatisfied, so he started spending all of his free time working at a furniture maker’s woodshop.

He eventually started making his own furniture and realized he could do it full-term once his pieces started selling. He eventually moved back to Nashville and opened his own studio, crafting some of the most show-stopping, textured chairs, cabinets, and tables that you’ll ever come across.