Estefanía Escudero is Lawyer By Day & Crochet Queen By Night

Estefanía Escudero is a successful lawyer based in Los Angeles, but that’s not the reason why her Instagram page is followed by over 100,000 people. She found a perfect way to relax and unwind outside of the courtroom – crocheting colorful dresses, tops, skirts, and everything in between.

Courtroom battles and legal negotiations may dominate Escudero’s daily grind, but she found a fantastic creative outlet to turn to after a long day at work. Her true talent lies in the art of crochet, and she’s been using her skills to sew together some truly amazing, vibrant creations.

Her designs are defined by their lively colors and eye-catching patterns, and it didn’t take her long to master the art of this craft. She started her Instagram page @crochetbyeep in 2021, and it took her less than two years to attract 100,000 followers.

Being a corporate girl boss isn’t stopping Escudero from getting creative in the meantime, and she managed to create quite an intriguing side hustle with her crocheting business. She’s selling the patterns for some of the best designs on her Etsy page, helping other crocheting enthusiasts master the secret of this craft and find the same kind of joy and light it brought into her life.