Businessman Offers Huge Reward to Solve Mystery Man Riddle

Image by @mykojaro / Instagram

Marree Man is a mysterious large-scale figure of a man drawn in a remote area in southern Australia. It was spotted 20 years ago by a helicopter pilot and two decades later, its origins and the people who created the artwork are still unknown.

The 4km- long drawing was carved into the desert in the north of South Australia. It’s considered as the world’s second largest geoglyph – a large design (usually longer than 4 meters) produced on the ground. Because of its size, the figure can only be seen from the air, which is rumored to be that of an Aboriginal hunter with a throwing stick in his hand.

Situated about 700 km north of Adelaide, the Marree Man has been the subject of debate and speculation and people have long sought an answer for the artwork’s origins since its discovery in 1998. Recently, Australian businessman Dick Smith offers a $5000 (AUD) for the information that might lead to the solution of the giant man riddle.

Smith said that the artwork was a complicated and expensive project that required a good amount of scientific knowledge.

“After two years meeting people, I’m realizing that probably one or two weren’t telling me the truth,” the entrepreneur told The Australian. “I believe it’s quite a few people who did it. I reckon some blokes were standing around in a university or a government ­department and said, ‘Hey, we want to test this software, let’s go and put a giant like Cerne Abbas in the desert’.”