Caroline Eriksson Makes Life-Sized Gingerbread Sculptures

Caroline Eriksson had enjoyed making gingerbread houses ever since she was a small child, but she took things to the next level when she grew up, winning a Norwegian baking contest in 2013.

“I have been making gingerbread houses every year with my family since I was little,” the Stockholm-based artist told Bored Panda. “After a few years, I got tired of houses and wanted to build other things, like boats, castles, and towers. My family didn’t have that patience but looked forward to seeing new creations every year.”

To create the sculptures, Eriksson makes her own dough, with a harder and smoother surface, and uses melted sugar to glue the pieces together. However, she first has to build an internal structure out of metal. “I start by finding a lot of references and come up with ideas of what I want to create,” she explained. “Then I make a 1:1 scale sketch that I use as a reference for building a simple inner form first to get the proportions right. Then I add more and more details on top.”

To see her sculptures, check out the gallery below or follow her on Instagram.