Carrie Lau’s Ceramics Will Bring Quirky Delight Into Your Home

Ceramics is a vibrant and versatile art form, and we’ve seen many artists use it to ignite a sense of joy and wonder through their vibrant creations. Carrie Lau is one of them, and her designs will bring a quirky delight into your home, filling it with positive vibes.

Lau is the founder of the design studio Object-Matter and the mastermind behind the brand Om Ceramics. She was born and raised in Hong Kong but currently resides in Los Angeles, where she runs a successful business, which attracted over 130,000 followers to her Instagram page.

In addition to being a talented ceramicist, Lau is also an illustrator and art director, and all of her passions come together in her work. Her design studio focuses on everything from branding and digital solutions to product design and art direction.

When it comes to her ceramic art, Lau is a huge fan of minimal, yet playful design with a contemporary feel. Her mugs, bowls, vases, plates, and other creations are instantly recognizable thanks to their modern and curvilinear form, playful movement, and naturalistic tension.

“She has taken it a step further to use the process of making to bring her into a mindful state. From ceramics to paintings, home textiles to art objects, the works show her curiosity of materials, shapes, colors, and interaction,” she explains on her official website.