Xinamon Tattoos Are Showing Animals in the Most Adorable Light

Instagram introduced us to many tattoo artists who masterfully transform animals into endearing works of art, but none of them compares to Xinamon. The Korean tattoo artist is capturing the essence and charm of our favorite animals in the most adorable way possible.

Xinamon is a Korean tattoo artist based in Los Angeles, and the story behind her alter ego is pretty interesting. It’s a combination of her Korean name and Pokémon, but she also opted for this moniker because it sounds just like cinnamon.

Her inked creations bring forth a whimsical fusion of art and nature by presenting cats, dogs, dolphins, and other animals in an adorable light. Her tattoos evoke a sense of joy with every stroke of the needle thanks to their vibrant blend of colors and undeniable kawaii vibe.

Xinamon is best known for her custom pet design tattoos, and she always tries to make her tattoos as unique as possible.

“My flash designs are generally not repeatable with the exception of matching tattoos. I rarely modify or create variations to be different: animals, color patterns, and elements. However, these specific flash designs are repeatable: birth flowers, zodiac animals, and constellations,” she explained on her official website.