Check Out an Amazing POV Jump From the Tallest Building in the World

Jumping from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is something that plenty of people probably have on their bucket lists. But let’s be honest, a few of them will actually be able to do it.

Even with knowing that you can rely on a parachute and other safety measures, it takes quite a lot of courage to launch yourself from 2, 722 feet above the ground. Also, the only way to jump from Burj Khalifa is to do a complex BASE jump, and that is under the presumption that you get a permit. This is where YouTuber André Larsen steps in.

Knowing that many people would like to know what it’s like to jump from the world’s tallest building, Larsen created a cool video that transmits at least a bit of that feeling.

The Dubai-based video creator navigated a drone on the top of Burj Khalifa and then launched it vertically to the ground. This resulted in a point-of-view clip that has an otherworldly feel to it. Despite sitting in your chair, you will get a shaky feeling in your legs as you watch the ground becoming closer and closer.

Check out Larsen’s video below and make sure to do it via VR set if you have one for the best experience.