Daniel Agdag Crafts an Impressive Rollercoaster Using Cardboard

Artist and filmmaker Daniel Agdag recently completed one of his most impressive and demanding projects to date. He created an impressive 10-foot sculpture of a rollercoaster inspired by wooden rollercoasters from classic amusement parks.

Agdag was commissioned for the work, which is titled “Lattice,” by the New York City Department of Education and NYC School Construction Authority Public Art for Public Schools. He worked two years on the project, which is made out of cardboard and trace paper, and invested countless hours into it. Just the truss section alone took him eight months and required 897,560 individual pieces.

The cardboard rollercoaster is not only highly detailed, with a complex base and accompanying features, but it is also structurally sound. It definitely looks like it could give a fictional cardboard family a ride of their lives.

 “In fact, the Melbourne Luna Park still has one of the oldest wooden rollercoasters in the world, and this work was very much inspired by a wooden rollercoaster,” Agdad, who is based in Melbourne, Australia, shared with Colossal in a recent chat. “I thought that was a nice way to link the work’s origin and its destination.”

“Lattice” will be permanently displayed at Evelyn Lewis Campus and is not available to the public. However, you can see more of it thanks to the artist’s posts on social media below.