Check Out Kate Dehler’s Colorful and Psychedelic Art

Illustrator Kate Dehler discovered her love for art when she was little. Her favorite toys were paints and pencils, and she always knew she will continue to do art as an adult. Dehler went to art school and got a degree in graphic design, but found the work too mechanical and not creative enough, so she started focusing on personal projects instead.

That turned out to be a good decision because Dehler’s creativity and the growing portfolio brought her numerous clients. Doing freelance work combined with personal projects ended up being the best choice for her.

Using color and texture, the artist creates psychedelic illustrations in her unique style. She always uses warm colors like yellow, red, and orange, and the texture resembles the rough watercolor paper, even though she does everything with digital tools. We’re getting a strong vintage vibe from her art and we must say it’s amazing!

“My work explores ideas, atmospheres, and states of being through whimsical line, colors, and textures. Influenced by illustrators from the 1960’s and 70’s and motivated by an intense curiosity about most things, my work celebrates the surreality of everyday life,” she writes on her website.

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