Brazilian Art Duo Creates Funny Embroidery Works

Most people view embroidery as a traditional type of art inspired by still nature and complex patterns. However, Brazilian art duo Karla and Fabricio show that doesn’t have to be the case.

With their brand Rebordação Handmade Embroidery, Karla and Fabricio are introducing modern vibes to the embroidery world. They create funny embroidery artworks on hoops that are inspired by puns, memes, pop culture, and more.

Their creations are tailor-made to brighten up your day. Whether it’s an illustration of Vincent Van Gogh’s difficulties to adhere to mask protocols during COVID, Jesus Christ being baffled by the modern world, or relatable jokes about the pain of adulthood, this unique embroidery is guaranteed to get a smile on your face.

“Our mission is made art to make your day a little happier and funny,” the duo, who are based in Lisbon, Portugal, explains on their webshop.

Thanks to their wittiness and great sense of humor, Karla and Fabricio managed to turn Rebordação Handmade Embroidery into a successful business. They are pretty popular on Etsy while also getting a lot of love on social media.

This includes close to 30K followers on Instagram, where they share their newest creations and designs. Check out more of them below.