Artist Imagines the Life of Dinosaurs in Adorable Fossil Fools Comics

Most of us think of dinosaurs as huge and dangerous creatures that ruled the Earth millions of years before humans. Movies, TV shows, and fiction books build upon that threatening perception of dinosaurs, making most of us grateful that we are not living in the same era. However, there are also those, like illustrator Alexander Fridlin, who are trying to change this bad rep.

Fridlin is the creator of adorable Fossil Fools comics in which dinosaurs are the main stars. In his comics, Fridlin shows dinosaurs as human-like creatures engaging in the same activities and dealing with the same problems as us. However, the only difference is that the outcome in their case is always a bit funnier.

One thing that makes Fossil Fools comics particularly charming is their setting. Most of the stories take place in the modern world, alluding to a parallel universe in which the humans are the ones extinct, and the dinosaurs are the dominant species. That would explain this amusing comic about the scary movie in which humans are driving, sitting at their office desk, and watching TV in their underwear.

Fridlin shares new Fossil Fools comics every Wednesday and Sunday on his Instagram. Continue scrolling to check out more of them below.