Check out These Impressive “En Plein Air” Paintings By Jeremy Sams

Jeremy Sams is a North Carolina-based artist who is successfully making “en plein air” cool again with his impressive artworks that capture the diverse landscape surrounding his home in the city of Archdale.

“En plein air” is a process of painting in the outdoors and enables the artist to better capture the changes the landscape experiences in real-time. Despite being engaged in art since early childhood, Sams was only introduced to “en plein air” in 2011. He immediately fell in love with the method and has since exclusively dedicated his creative energy to outdoor painting.

According to Sams, he enjoys “en plein air” because the elements in nature have a strong influence on the artworks.

“It is of utmost importance for me to spend time studying and painting the particular scene on location, en plein air: to experience the sounds, the smells, the cool breeze or the humid air, and the movements of wind and shadows,” Sams explains his creative process on his official website. “All of these elements play a role in the emotional reaction we may have to a particular place.”

Thanks to this level of dedication, Sams manages to paint highly-detailed pieces that resonate exceptionally well with the viewer. His works won him countless awards in art competitions while also helping him gain a solid following on social media. Check out more of his paintings below.