Remington Robinson Uses Altoid Tin Boxes As His Canvas

Artists use many different mediums to bring their paintings to life, and Remington Robinson opted for one of the quirkiest ones we’ve ever seen. He became a true internet sensation thanks to his miniature landscape art, painted inside tiny Altoids tin boxes.

Robinson isn’t the first person to start painting on Alotodis containers, and he actually decided to give it a shot after seeing other people do it. It looked like a fun, portable way to paint, which perfectly fit his lifestyle because he enjoys painting during his travels.

It can take anywhere between one to three hours to finish his miniature paintings, depending on the scene he picks. His choices are dictated by many different factors, but he makes sure they’re different in some way every time.

“Sometimes I choose a spot based on how much time I have, and so I pick a spot near my house which I already have in mind. Other times it is dictated by my mood, and other times it is dictated by a preconceived idea of some goal I have in mind,” explains Robinson on his official website.

Robinson doesn’t actually eat mints in huge amounts, and he received most of his Altoids tin boxes as a gift or bought them on eBay. He uses a new container for each painting and saves them as they are, together with the palette of paint used for each one.