Check Out These Retro-Futuristic Images Created by Graphic Designer Jess Conwell

Artist Jess Conwell is an Australian graphic designer who has been putting together images since she was a young teenager. However, her professional artistic journey began back in 2013 when she started making retro-futuristic collages.

Now the UK-based Conwell mixes old with new, giving it a sci-fi or cosmic vibe. She explains in an interview for Ballpit that she is fond of space and space travel, as well as the idea “that some really crazy/amazing world is out there, waiting to be discovered.”

“You just never know what our infinite universe is capable of, and I’m constantly dreaming and wishing of surreal places that could exist out there, which I then turn into art collages as a form of escapism for the viewer and for myself,” she said.

She uses images from vintage magazines printed in the 60s and 70s and puts together an image using Photoshop. Despite sometimes being uninspired, the graphic designer always finds a way to create something new.

“Sometimes, I’ll get an idea and then start sourcing images; this can sometimes take days/weeks if I can’t find the right ones. Or an idea might spark whilst I’m looking through my vintage image library I’ve sourced over the years (it’s massive),” she added.

If you are into retro-futuristic collages, check out Conwell’s work below.