French Pastry Chef Makes Baked Goods That Look Like Everyday Items

We have you warn you—you probably shouldn’t check out these photos on an empty stomach. When you see all the delicious pastries that talented French pastry chef Johan Martin makes, you’ll understand what we mean.

With his two hands, he bakes board games, figurines, and fashionable items you’ll feel sorry to eat. His delicious pastries include tiny tuxedoed figurines made from brownie-filled croissants, a chocolate loafer chessboard made from croissant dough, pain au chocolat, swirling skirts made from chocolate mousse biscuits, a high heeled shoe made from a strawberry laminated croissant, and brioche with a raspberry glaze.

He currently has over 280,000 Instagram followers and has inspired and motivated pastry chefs and other bakers to get out of their comfort zone and start creating something people haven’t seen yet.

Besides being a pastry influencer, he is also an author of a book titled Signature where you can discover the new recipes and decorations created by the pastry chef himself.

If you are interested in his creativeness and deliciousness, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to follow him for more future updates. He also provides consultants and masterclasses for those interested in developing their skills.