Photographer Uses Old Images to Create Photo Collages

Anneke Bloema has loved doing artsy things ever since she was a little girl. When she turned 18, she got into photography, which later became her profession. However, as time went by she started getting into graphic design and collage making as well.

After winning an important prize for her creations, she was encouraged to step up her artwork. As she explained in a post for Bored Panda, she has a big photo archive of various photographs, which she uses to create her storytelling animal artwork. And she loves it!

“The animals I have portrayed during my 20-year career as a photographer tell their fairy tales in surreal collage art. They live in landscapes that I’ve photographed over the years,” Bloema said.

Her most recent project, titled Wondrous Goose, is synonymous with wonder, imagination, and the power of stories.

“Animals depict human characteristics, dreams, and idiosyncrasies,” she continued. “I live with my wife and dogs in the countryside. I still like to play outside, just as our dogs do.”

She only recently started sharing her creations on social media, so her following has just started to grow. However, we’re sure that soon she’ll be more in the public eye.

Scroll down and the images below. Did you like what you see?