Victoria Velozo’s Paintings Soar High Above the Rest

“In order to see birds,” writes Robert Wilson Lynd, “it is necessary to become a part of the silence.” And if that’s the case, then Australian contemporary artist, Victoria Velozo, has found a way to blend in with silence.

Her paintings, most commonly featuring birds, pay homage to the avian creatures. The end result—bold, vibrant, and powerful—is anything but silent, calling attention to the importance these tiny winged animals have in the grand scheme of things.

Each of Velozo’s paintings features different types of birds, that provide the focal point of the piece. “Other than the realistic feature, I try not to have too much of a developed, preconceived idea of what I want the painting to look like when I begin,” relayed the artist in an interview with Artsy Shark.

Indeed, while the birds themselves are highly realistic and very much animated, the rest of the painting is fairly abstract, providing an emotional context to the final piece. Velozo explains that she, in fact, begins with these abstract backgrounds, building the piece from there.

“When beginning a new work, I create the backgrounds first,” she stressed. “They represent an abstract version of an environmental landscape in which the featured animal will be placed.” Using water and sponges, as well as collage techniques that include layering, Velozo’s intention is that the background will add movement and depth to the painting, highlighting its chosen subjects.

Take a look at some of her eye-popping pieces and be sure to follow her on Instagram for more.