Check Out These Weird Cakes Made by a Former Tattoo Artist

Edible shoes, human organs, lifelike busts, and not-so-adorable animals are just some of the many cakes that former tattoo artist Ben Cullen creates. Better knowns as The BakeKing on social media, the gifted baker began his career five years ago in 2016.

He was still a working tattoo artist when he first really got into cake-baking. Then, he started working as a graphic designer but decided he would pursue his career as a full-time cake artist. Now he’s a well-known name in the cake industry and a star of Extreme Cake Makers on Channel 4.

Cullen also loves creating quirky YouTube videos of him making the cakes, which are, according to him, his priority on his weekly to-do list.

“Luckily for me, I have some amazing customers, and so a lot of the pieces I feature in my videos for are actual client orders. However, if I have specific cakes I want to make, I will leave a day aside to make and film them,” the baker explained in an interview for Mr. Baker’s Cakes Blog.

He currently runs his own Instagram account, where he has attracted more than 285,000 followers. Scroll down and take a look at his creations below.