Meet Chad: The Zookeeper Loved By His Animals and Social Media Fans

Raise your hand if at least once in your life you wanted to be a zookeeper. Well, Chad Staples didn’t let his childhood dream go to waste. Not only did he become a zookeeper and director of Mogo Zoo in New South Wales, Australia—he’s also now an influencer who likes taking photographs with animals and posting them onto his Instagram account.

The wildlife park consists of around 200 animals, including giraffes, tigers, rhinos, red pandas, snow leopards, and much more. He currently has more than 198,000 admirers who religiously follow his adorable images and videos of these awesome animals.

Two cubs playing with each other, Staples feeding, or receiving kisses from his animals are just some of the heart-warming things he posts on his social media.

When the horrific bushfires destroyed Australia’s wildlife, he managed to save dozens of creatures, giving them permanent homes and shelter.

“It was like Armageddon, it was black as midnight with tinges of red,” he described the rescue mission for ABC and added that with the help of 15 zookeepers, they successfully put out spot fires.

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