Ceramist Punches Holes Into Her Vases And Embroideries Them With Thread

Have you ever seen a ceramics vase being embroidered? Neither did we until we saw the remarkable work of Caroline Harrius. She’s a talented 28-year-old ceramicist from Sweden who combined two uncombined crafts to create beautiful floral vases.

She begins the process by handcrafting the vessel and then creating small holes. Later, when the firing process is finalized, she uses colorful thread and sews them through the holes. Although at first she wasn’t super satisfied with the result, later she got obsessed with it.

“This was the first time I felt ashamed of something I was working on. I wanted to hide my vases so no one could see them when I was not there and could explain the reason behind the work. For some reason, I saw no value in the curvy vases and didn’t want to be associated with them,” Harrius shared on Colossal.

She is currently working in a well-known porcelain factory and sharing her work online. She also added that she plans on working on her third embroidered vase. Harrius has almost 5,000 Instagram followers and a beautiful gallery worth checking out.

Scroll down and check out the vases below. Don’t forget to give her a follow on social media for more.