Chrissy Allen’s Hilarious Videos Will Take You Back to the ’90s

If you still haven’t heard of Chrissy Allen, it’s time to learn her name because she attracted millions of TikTok and Instagram followers for a reason. She’s posting hilarious videos that reflect on her life as a “geriatric millennial”, and you’ll find them relatable if you’re ’80s or ’90s kid.

Allen is a general dentist and a mother of two by day, and her viral videos allowed her to explore her funny side. She attracted 2.2 million followers on TikTok and 1.3 million more on Instagram since starting her page @csapunch back in 2020.

Allen describes herself as a “Xennial” because she was born on the cusp between Generation X and Millennials. This term usually refers to people born between the late 70s and early 80s, who grew up during the 90s.

“The 90s were a special time because we were going through this transition from an analog life into a digital life… We have all the same memories. I think the other reason [why people like my videos so much] is the music. Music has a way of connecting with people and bringing people together,” she told LA Unscripted.

Allen mostly specializes in nostalgia-driven, throwback content that will take you back in time when kids spent their days watching MTV and social media still wasn’t a thing.