Christa Bella Travels is Living Her Best Digital Nomad Life

Living a life as a digital nomad seems pretty dreamy, but most people are scared to give it a try, but not Christa Romano! The founder of travel blog Christa Bella Travels is living her best life as a digital nomad and she’s sharing useful advice with everyone trying to do the same.

Romano kicked off her journey as a digital nomad in 2013 and she hasn’t stopped exploring the world ever since. She went on to visit 60 countries over the years, and she’s now dedicated to helping other people achieve the remote career of their dreams.

“I used to be just like you, feeling frustrated about my lack of free time and wishing for a life of freedom, travel, and authenticity… I work with clients to help them identify their BEST path to digital nomadism, teaching them exactly how to create the life of their dreams,” explains Romano on her official website.

You don’t have to immediately book a one-on-one mentorship with Romano to learn some of her secrets. She regularly shares useful advice on social media with everyone trying to give remote work a shot. She also offers useful free resources on her blog, in addition to hosting free digital nomad training twice a year.