Rainbow Nourishments Will Change the Way You Look at Vegan Food

Vegan food sometimes gets a bad rap—usually from people who still haven’t discovered how delicious it can truly be. It all comes down to finding the right recipes that work for you and Rainbow Nourishments is one of Instagram’s best sources of tasty vegan ideas.

This Instagram account was started by food blogger and former cake business owner Anthea, who attracted almost 300,000 followers to her page so far. She specializes in vegan recipes because she believes that a plant-based diet is more sustainable for the world and minimizes harm to animals.

Anthea fell in love with cooking at a young age because her parents used to be restaurant owners. She learned to make everything from Chinese to Italian to French food in her youth and even ran her own cake business for a few years before turning to blogging.

When she started Rainbow Nourishments, she simply wanted to share her love for food with like-minded people and didn’t expect it to grow into the huge internet sensation that it is today.

“Rainbow Nourishments is not just about the kitchen but nourishing people on a deeper level. I believe that food should encourage people to connect with loved ones and be a way to practice kindness to yourself, others, and the environment,” she explains on her blog.