Christopher Silas Neal Knows a Thing or Two About Picture Books

The benefits of reading to your children are endless. Picture books, in particular, are known to be a great tool in teaching your children the English language while encouraging their imagination and creativity. They also offer a great opportunity for bonding.

A recent addition to our children’s library is author and illustrator Christopher Silas Neal. Based in Brooklyn, Silas Neal’s books have earned a number of state and national awards, and he is often seen visiting schools, book in hand. “I really enjoy making images with a sense of magic that illicit an emotional response from the viewer,” he shared in an interview with Inky Goodness, noting that he aims to create images that tug at the heart.

Inspired by other children’s authors (in particular, Leo Lionni), his books are both nostalgic and contemporary. “Even if I’m referencing an era long before I was born, those old and tattered references add a layer of nostalgia and wonder because they no longer exist,” says Silas Neal. “Through my childhood picture books and my Mother’s record collection I experienced art for the first time. They formed the foundation of my creative experience along with music videos and films. So, these childhood pop culture ephemera find their way into my work.”

Aside from his children’s books, he also illustrates book covers as well as art for magazines and newspapers such as Time, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and The New Yorker. You’d want to introduce his work to your children: