Dad and Daughter Attend Harry Styles Concerts in Matching Outfits

Your dad may be cool, but is he so cool that he would dress up in matching outfits with you to attend Harry Styles concerts? That’s how cool Canadian teen Sarita Rampersad’s dad is.

Nari Rampersad was aware that his daughter is a huge Harry Styles fan, so he decided to surprise her with tickets for pair of his concerts at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. He agreed to attend the shows with her but soon discovered he signed up for much more than that.

Sarita, being a huge fan of Styles from a young age, knew that attending the concert wasn’t just about listening to music. You also have to bring the right attitude and be properly dressed. So she pitched her dad an idea to dress up in matching outfits inspired by Styles’ lavish style, and to her surprise, he was down for it. The young teen documented the whole thing on her TikTok, with the clips of the pair becoming hugely viral.

For the first concert, Nari and Sarita wore blue and pink in honor of Styles’ second studio album Fine Line. Nari even painted his nails to make the outfit complete.

The second night, the duo rocked royal blue and red outfits, turning heads on every step.

@lemon_over_lce He painted his nails and everything #harrystyles #loveontour ♬ Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain

Following the concerts, Sarita was so proud of her dad and thankful for the whole experience.

@lemon_over_lce night 2!! #harrystyles #hslot ♬ Satellite – Harry Styles

“The months leading up to the concert, he was using Spotify to read the lyrics to the songs, because fans will yell at you if you get the words wrong,” she told Today. “… That’s the kind of energy I want — someone to match my energy at a Harry Styles concert.”