Dad Uses Photoshop to Put His Kids Into “Dangerous” Situations

Kenny Deuss is a father of two who found a creative outlet that helps him bond with his kids. They go on adventures together, but once they get home, Deuss uses photo editing software to turn the regular images into “dangerous” scenes.

His photos show funny situations like a seagull picking up his baby from the beach, or his older kid sitting on top of a ladder and painting a wall with him. He calls the series On Adventure With Dad and it looks like something every kid would appreciate when they grow up.

Deuss first started doing this after his girlfriend wanted to make sure he and the kids were okay when he was with them. “I started making these photos when my girlfriend had to go back to work after maternity leave,” he tells My Modern Met. “Every Tuesday, I have a day off from work to spend time with the kids. But every week my girlfriend asks for a photo to see if the kids are ok. This is when I decided to do something fun with it.”

We can imagine her shock at the beginning before she realized the photos are actually a result of clever photo manipulation!